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Unwritten Rules Of Custody #4 - Utilization Of Children And Youth Service And Protection From Abuse Orders

Never, ever, EVER, utilize Children and Youth Services (CYS) or get a Protection from Abuse (PFA) Order in order to solely gain an advantage in custody.

CYS is an agency funded by the county and state whose sole goal is to protect children against abuse and neglect. Allegations that a child's welfare is in danger because of abuse or neglect are reported to the agency by either a mandated reporter (police, doctors, teachers, etc.) or an anonymous individual (neighbors, friends etc.). These allegations are taken extremely seriously and are immediately investigated by someone within the agency to ensure the child's safety. If the child is in danger, there is a possibility they may be removed from the environment.

A Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) is designed to protect battered spouses, significant others, and children from abuse. Often times, when a person files a PFA, the other party is excluded from the residence . They are also denied all contact with the party and any children that may be involved. If the receiver of the PFA comes back to the house or has any contact with those parties, they will be arrested and can face potential jail time.

Unfortunately, these systems which are set in place to protect victims are abused. Very frequently, parties file a PFA or place an allegation to CYS to get an edge in custody court. First of all, this wastes precious resources to help a child who needs the protection. Secondly, it is a complete abuse of the court system to file frivolous actions. But, finally, think of the emotional damage that is being done to this child. This may cause that child irreparable injury from which they can never recover.

If you or a child is being abused, please utilize the available resources immediately. Call CYS if you see a child being neglected or abused. File a PFA to protect yourself and your children from physical harm. But, these court actions are not to be used in custody fights as a game changer. Your children are not pawns.