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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Probationary Sentence On Three Cases

    Attorney Daniel Emkey successfully negotiated a two year probationary period for a client with three separate cases. The client had multiple charges of theft, retail theft, DUI, and receiving stolen property. He was facing a total of twenty-two (22) years incarceration. If you have been charged with a crime, contact Emkey Law Firm for a free consultation.
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  • DUI And Aggravated Assault Negotiated Guilty Plea

    Emkey Law Firm successfully negotiated a plea agreement with the Berks County District Attorney's Office today resulting in a client receiving one year incarceration for a third offense DUI and Aggravated Assault against a police officer. The client had been charged with thirteen (13) counts of which four (4) were felonies. The client was facing a maximum sentence of seventy-one (71) years ...
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  • What Is Childline?

    ChildLine is an administrative agency run through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare whose function is to protect the safety and well being of children from abuse and neglect. When does Childline Accept Reports? When a person has been accused of abuse or neglect of a child, it is investigated by an agency within the county or state. If the allegation is deemed to be "founded," a report ...
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  • You Have A Right To Remain Silent

    Frequently, our client's at Emkey Law Firm complain to us that they were not given their Miranda warnings immediately upon arrest. Everyone is familiar with Miranda warnings from watching shows like Law and Order , or CSI . "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, ...
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  • DUI Charges Withdrawn

    Attorney Emkey effectively negotiated the withdrawal of Driving While Under the Influence ( DUI ) charges today at a Preliminary Hearing. The client plead guilty to a summary charge. The client was facing potential jail time as well as a loss of license. Furthermoe, this saves hundreds of dollars in court fees and fines for the client.
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  • Felony Robbery Charges Dismissed

    On Friday, July 26, 2013, charges were dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing level against client. The client, a city of Reading resident, was incarcerated on allegations of robbery, a felony of the third degree. The allegations alleged that our client grabbed a set of keys and drove off in the victim's car. However, the District Attorney's Office was unable to sustain their burden of proof at the ...
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  • What Is ARD In Criminal Law?

    The Accelerated Rehabilitative Program, otherwise known as ARD , is a program offered in criminal court to first time offenders. The goal of the program is to successfully rehabilitate the offender to prevent them from entering the criminal system again. If ARD is completed successfully, the record of the offender is expunged. This is extremely beneficial to people to be able to obtain employment ...
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