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  • Criminal Law

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    • Harrassment Summary Trial

      Attorney Emkey represented a client who was charged with summary harrassment. It was alleged that the client harrassed the alleged victim by calling her and relaying a message regarding damage to a vehicle, as well as messaging the victim on facebook. Once Attorney Emkey had the opportunity to cross examine the victim, her story fell apart. He pointed out that they (vitcim and defendant) had been ...
    • Man Charged In Alleged Hostage Stand-Off Gets ARD

      Attorney Emkey argued and subsequently was able to convince the District Attorney's office to withdraw the aggravated assault charge, which is a felony of the first degree and carries a maxium penalty of 20 years in prison. His client was then approved and accepted into the ARD program for first time offenders. Upon successful completion of the ARD program, Attorney Emkey's client's record will be ...
    • Charges Dismissed At Preliminary Hearing

      Client was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia in Chester County. Client was facing significant jail time due to this arrest being a Probation violation. Attorney Emkey had charges dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing saving the defendants thousands of dollars and years in prison.


    The latest posts for DUI are listed below.
    • Facing State Time Serving County Sentence

      We represented a client in two different cases. One case he was charged with two counts of theft from a motor vehicle and two counts of receiving stolen property, facing a maxium penatly of 14 years in prison. In the second case he was charged with a forth offense DUI facing a maxium penatly of 5 years in state prison. After making the decision to enter into an open guilty plea, Attorney Emkey ...
    • Second Offense DUI - No Jail

      Client was charged with a second offense DUI . He was facing a Mandatory Minimum of 90 days to 5 years in prison. Due to circumstances out of his control, he was not able to participate in the second time offenders program (STOP). After entering into an "open" guilty plea, Attorney Emkey argued to the Judge that his client should receive credit for the time he was at an in-patient treatment ...

    Traffic Violations

    The latest posts for Traffic Violations are listed below.
    • Is A Fender Bender Careless Driving?

      Juvenile client got into a fender bender at a red light and was ultimately cited with careless driving. At a hearing before a Magisterial District Justice, Attorney Emkey argued that the fender bender was just that, an accident, and nothing more. District Justice agreed with the argument and dismissed the citation, saving the client points on her license and an increase in insurance.
    • Summary Trial...Not Guilty

      Attorney Emkey represented a client at a summary trial where the client received a citation for an expired registration. At the trial, Attorney Emkey argued that due to a lack of evidence, his client should be found not guilty. The Judge agreed with Attorney Emkey and found his client NOT GUILTY!
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