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Suppressing Evidence Obtained in Illegal Searches & Seizures

Illegal searches and seizures are prohibited by the US Constitution and an extensive body of laws has grown up governing how searches or seizures can be used in criminal cases. At the Reading, Pennsylvania, office of Emkey Law Firm, criminal defense attorney Daniel P. Emkey is a former prosecutor who understands how searches and seizures are supposed to work. He also knows when a search and seizure is illegal and can be grounds for a motion to suppress evidence.

Significance of Search & Seizure in Drug Crime Cases

Issues related to illegal search and seizure are important in many drug crime cases. The police must demonstrate probable cause before obtaining a warrant to search a suspect's home, car or business. They must also obtain a search warrant to examine a computer, cell phone or other electronic device. Attorney Emkey has argued the validity of law enforcement search warrants many times as a prosecutor. He now uses his experience to argue on behalf of clients whose rights were violated by an illegal search and seizure. Clients can be assured that if there is an issue related to search and seizure, attorney Emkey will find it.

  • Types of cases that often involve illegal search and seizure include:
  • Child pornography
  • Gun cases
  • DUIs
  • Fraud and embezzlement cases

Consequences to Suppressing Illegally Obtained Evidence

Defending clients against these charges often requires our attorney to file motions to suppress evidence obtained illegally. If the illegally obtained evidence is removed from consideration, attorney Emkey has been able to have cases dismissed. Clients have also been able to obtain less severe penalties or face reduced charges because evidence was suppressed.

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