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Traffic Violation Defense in Berks County, Pennsylvania

If you are facing a DUI or serious traffic violation, it can feel as if your world has been abruptly turned upside down. Suddenly, harsh fines, a suspended license, and even jail time are all a very real possibility.

If you have found yourself in such a circumstance, don't panic - there is still a chance for you to get a favorable outcome. A Reading DUI defense lawyer from Emkey Law Firm is here to help you with skilled legal representation and compassionate support.

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DUI in Pennsylvania

A DUI, or driving under the influence, is given to those who operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of over .08%. The severity of the penalties will increase depending on how intoxicated the driver was.

For a first offense, penalties will generally include a fine of $300. If you decided to refuse a chemical test, then your vehicle may be fitted with an Ignition Interlock Device and your license could be suspended. There will also be serious consequences for those who are underage and were discovered driving with any alcohol in their blood at all.

What is the 5-Day Rule for DUI in PA?

The five-day rule in Pennsylvania DUI law is a procedural rule that requires a complaint to be filed within five days of arrest. 

However, many DAs and MDJs prefer to avoid this rule by filing general impairment charges within five days and then amending the complaint with additional charges after test results are available. 

Some DAs and MDJs also accept delayed filing if test results are unavailable within five days of arrest. 

Implied Consent Law

Every time you renew your license in Pennsylvania, you sign a form giving the Commonwealth the right to draw blood, breath, or urine if you are arrested by police for a DUI. This is known as the Implied Consent Law, the DL-26, or the O'Connell Warnings.

According to the Implied Consent Law, if you refuse to give your blood, breath, or urine, it is an automatic loss of a license for a minimum of 12 months. It does not matter what the results are of blood alcohol content or the final disposition of the DUI case your license will still get suspended. Furthermore, you do not have a right to speak to an attorney or anyone else prior to providing the blood. Requesting to speak to a Reading DUI lawyer is deemed a refusal and will also result in a license suspension.

Traffic Violations in Berks County, Pennsylvania

Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket in PA can lead to higher insurance premiums and the possibility of losing your license. Our Reading traffic offenses attorney can help to fight the traffic ticket in court and do everything in his power to get you a favorable outcome.

Can a DUI Be Dismissed in PA?

Yes, a DUI case can be dismissed in Pennsylvania at a preliminary hearing if it can be shown that the police did not have sufficient probable cause to stop or arrest the defendant or did not follow proper procedures during arrest. 

This rule is called a suppression motion or hearing

If you would like to discuss your situation with a skilled Reading traffic violations lawyer from Emkey Law Firm, please request a complementary consultation today. During this complimentary and no-obligation meeting, we can go over all of your legal options and take action in a way that defends your best interest.

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