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Weapons Charges Obtain the Upper Hand in Court. Put a Former Prosecutor in Your Corner.

Weapons Charges

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Reading, PA

Gun laws in Pennsylvania are complex. It may be difficult for average people to know when they are violating the law. At Emkey Law Firm, Reading criminal defense attorney Daniel P. Emkey defends clients who face weapons violations charges. Reading weapons violation defense attorney Daniel P. Emkey is a former prosecutor who knows how to develop aggressive defense strategies for clients facing charges such as these. We will thoroughly examine the evidence brought by the state and fight vigorously to ensure that our clients' rights are protected. We know that the consequences of conviction can be severe. We work hard to obtain dismissed charges, reduced charges, and reduced or alternative penalties.

Our firm has defended people against weapons violations charges such as these:

  • Illegal possession of a gun after a felony conviction.
  • Selling guns to a juvenile.
  • Illegal gun sales.
  • Possession of a weapon when committing another crime.
  • Lying when applying for a gun permit.
  • Possessing a firearm with an obliterated or altered serial number.

Many of these charges may carry mandatory minimum sentences. For example, a person convicted of drug possession with intent to deliver while in possession of a firearm may receive a five year prison sentence. Our task in weapons violations cases is to keep clients out of jail. We fight hard to reach the goal.

Protecting the Rights of Our Clients throughout Berks County

Law enforcement officials are zealous in their prosecution of violent crimes, especially those committed with firearms and other weapons. In their efforts to get guns off the streets, they may violate the accused's rights. Attorney Daniel P. Emkey makes sure that all procedures were followed correctly, that procedures to preserve the chain of evidence were followed, and that our client was properly charged.

Defense Strategies in Weapons Cases

Attorney Emkey knows where to look to identify weaknesses in the state's case against a client. We will review witness statements and police reports to be sure that the prosecution used correctly interpreted and accurately recorded evidence to charge a client. We will file motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence and make sure that any searches were properly conducted.

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