Harrassment Summary Trial

Attorney Daniel P. Emkey represented a client who was charged with summary harrassment. It was alleged that the client harrassed the alleged victim by calling her and relaying a message regarding damage to a vehicle, as well as messaging the victim on facebook. Once Attorney Emkey had the opportunity to cross examine the victim, her story fell apart. He pointed out that they (vitcim and defendant) had been communicating prior to this alleged incident, the victim admitted that the call was from a private number, she admitted that she never showed the officer any facebook messages (as she no longer saved these "harrassing" messages), and she also admitted that the defendant was dating the father of her child. The victim was irate and loud on the stand, continuuously interrupting the officer, the judge and Attorney Emkey. After closing arguments, the Judge agreed with Attorney Emkey and found his client NOT GUILTY!
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