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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Attorney Emkey Wins Another Case!

    Attorney Daniel P. Emkey represented a client who was charged with Driving While Operating Privilege is Suspended or Revoked [DUI Related] (1543(b)). This offense carries a penalty of anywhere from 60-90 days in jail. Client had 11 previous 1543(b) convictions (habitual offender). Attorney Emkey successfully argued and was able to get the charge reduced to a lesser offense. Attorney Emkey also had ...
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  • Probation Violation...Judge Agrees With Emkey...Client Is Released

    Attorney Daniel P. Emkey recently represented a client at a Probation Violation Hearing (Gagnon II Hearing). At the hearing, the Commonwealth asked that the defendant serve a STATE PRISON sentence. Attorney Emkey argued that his client should be immediately released on a time-served sentence. After a lengthly argument, the Court agreed with Attorney Emkey. Attorney Emkey's client couldn't be ...
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